Guidelines for Authors

Articles and texts are to be posted to the email address of the journal’s secretary Kamila Słupska PhD:

or to the following address: 

„Pedagogika Społeczna Nova”

ul. Szamarzewskiego 89

60-568 Poznań

The editorial board is asking the authors to conform to the following rules:

  • font: Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1,5
  • footnotes: Oxford-style, Times New Roman, font size 10, line spacing 1,0
  • alignment: justify (block)
  • pages numbered with Arabic numbers on bottom right corner
  • bibliography that includes all used resources
  • volume: up to 40,000 characters

Articles are to be provided with an abstract (700-1200 characters) as well as list of key words (3-5 words). 

Please provide the ORCID number and the author’s affiliation data.

Moreover continuous numbering system of the footnotes should be used throughout the text. 

Works cited in footnotes should follow ensuing pattern:

  • books:

e.g. G. Hofstede, G.J. Hofstede, M. Minkov, Cultures and Organizations. Software of the Mind, New York 1997.

  • articles published in journals: 

e.g. A. Ivakhiv, Green Film Criticism and its Futures, “Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment” 2008, 15 (2).

  • texts in periodicals of the nature of collective publications:
    identical as the article in the journal
  • texts contained in collective works: 

e.g. B. Mandal, Beyond the Dichotomy of Humans and Animals: Situating Ecology in Coetzee’s Writings, [in:] S. Kochar, M.A. Khan (eds.), Environmental Postcolonialism: A Literary Response, New York 2021.

  • Internet sources: 

e.g. Ch. James, Music Makes Our Lives Magical and Meaningful, [accessed: 19.3.2021].

In the situations where sources are repeated in footnotes, Latin abbreviations should be used, e.g.: ibidem, op. cit., eadem, etc.